Sexual addiction exacts a devastating toll on unions. Consequently, partners want support and healing to work through the scope of emotions and challenging encounters caused by being in relationship using a sex addict. And although I am referring to the sex enthusiast utilizing the male gender in this essay, it’s not only men who become addicted; there are a growing amount of girls being identified as having sex addiction.

What’s sex addiction? Sex addiction is a way some people use excessive sex to “medicate” their feelings and cope with their worries in life. The people frequently cannot discontinue this sexual conduct for absolutely any great amount of time by themselves. The sex addict spends lots of time in the quest of his sexual behaviour/dream or he might possess a binge of sexual behaviours.

So how is this different to a person who only has a higher libido? Someone who has a higher sex drive is filled with sex, they love it but it’s not the be all and end all for them. It is not a “fix”, unlike for the enthusiast. When their partner says “NO” the addict overreacts, they want their “repair” and attribute the partner for withholding it. In addition they view this refusal as a rejection of themselves.

Living having a sex addict Wives of sex addicts report many similar feelings about living with all the sex enthusiast. The feeling of being alone is a typical encounter with partners of sex addicts; the awareness he can not open up and tell you about his “actual” self. In addition they understand when they pander to his sometimes outrageous sexual requests, it’s still not enough, which leads to hopelessness and also the feeling the union can not be saved. Wives also feel rage, against the enthusiast and against themselves. Additionally there is the threat of sexually transmitted diseases; your partner might be taking unnecessary risks in his need to get his “fix”. You can find many sex addiction counseling san jose to solve sex addiction treatment